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About the Czech Republic
Getting to Prague
things to see and do at cesky krumlov

The Czech Republic is a relatively small country in the heart of Europe. It was half of the somewhat better-known Czechoslovakia formed in 1918, which officially broke apart in 1993 as Communist regimes fell across Europe. More progressive than its Slovak sister, and boasting the tourist mecca of Prague, the Czech Republic has quickly re-integrated with Europe, and will became a EU member in 2004.

There is an extensive train network in the Czech Republic, and fares are CHEAP. Unfortunately, the rail network is fairly old, so the trains are not that fast - if you're in a rush, a bus can almost certainly get you there faster.

The unit of currency is the Czech Crown - or CZK. One US$ buys almost 27 CZK. One Euro buys almost 32 CZK. Food, drink, and transportation are VERY CHEAP relative to the rest of Europe; only accommodation is comparable. Your ATM card will work in the Czech Republic, it's easy to get a cash advance on a credit card, and traveler's cheques work too. You’ll be able to withdraw Czech Crown from the tons of ATM’s in Prague and there’s even one at the Raiffeisen Bank in Cesky Krumlov so there’s no need to carry around too much cash.


czech.com - Gov't tourism site, contains great info
czech republic info - Info on accommodation
accomodation service s.r.o. - Info on Prague accommodation
lonely planet - basic facts about the country
Prague Weather


NB: All prices are in US$ and for return fares unless otherwise noted.

Option 1
Fly direct to Prague. It’s more expensive but less hassle. But it might be less flexible if you want to fly into Prague and depart from Berlin, Athens or Rome. Flights costs around $1100 from NYC and $1400 from LA/SanFran on Lufthansa, Czech Airlines and UA using Travelocity. From HK, it was about $1150 on Thai Airways and $1350 on Lufthansa using Zuji. From SG, it was about $800 on BA, I would buy immediately – what a bargain! From Sydney it was a shocking $2000 on Qantas.

Option 2
Fly to London and then take a discounted airline to Prague. Flights cost around $730 on Virgin, UA, AA, BA from NYC and $950 from LA/SanFran. From HK, it was about $1000 on Emirates, Thai Airways and Cathay using Zuji. From SG, it was about $800 on BA so why not go direct since it’s the same price. From Sydney it was $1500 on Qantas.

For London->Prague, take Easyjet. Although it only currently shows pricing for 6 months in advance, but the prices for March were around $30 for 1 way! Another option is using BA, around $60US for 1 way for July/August. The only issue with using Easyjet is that you’d have to get to Stansted Airport in London which is about 2 hrs. by train (about $35) to transfer from Heathrow where most int’l flights arrive.

Travel Links:

Flights originating in US - Travelocity, Expedia, Cheapflights
Flights originating in Asia-Pac - Zuji
Budget European airline for London<->Prague - Easyjet
London<->Prague - British Airways



Cesky Krumlov is about 3-3.5 hours south of Prague by bus, and is located in the state of South Bohemia. The old city is built around a hairpin bend of the Vltava river, where narrow streets snake past colorful buildings to open squares surrounded by restaurants, hotels and shops. Throughout August, Cesky Krumlov is hosting an International Music Festival, check out www.czechmusicfestival.com for program details and prices.

Cesky Info:

The Official Information System of the Ceský Krumlov Region - great general info on the town
discoverczech.com - history, facts, accommodation
Cesky Krumlov Weather


There are 7 buses a day from Prague. You can view the schedule at IDOS. First click on ‘Timetables’ and select the ‘Czech Republic’ under ‘Long-distance bus transport.’ The click on ‘Departures’ and type in:

From: Praha
To: Cesky Krumlov
Date: choose a date

The schedule gets updated every December so it’s better to check this out closer to the wedding date. You can buy a reserved ticket at the main AMS office at Praha-Florenc bus station on the day of departure or your hotel may be able to arrange this for you for a surcharge. Be at the bus statoin at least 30 minutes before departure.


We have rented out the Hotel Gold, located at Plešivec, Ceský Krumlov. It has 19 rooms...We will also be having the reception in the banquet hall of the hotel. If we can guarantee the hotel that we will fill the hotel for at least three nights August 6-9, they will give us a 10% discount and allow us to have the reception for as long as we want! A double is $125USD/night. If you will be staying in Cesky Krumlov before or after the wedding please click here . For accommodation in Prague, please click Here and select Czech Republic and Prague.

WE NEED TO KNOW how many rooms you need in Cesky Krumlov and for how many days. We are assuming that everyone will want to stay there on Friday night before the wedding, and on Saturday night on the wedding day. You're welcome to come earlier and stay later, but just let us know. It's the tourist season so we want to make sure you get the reservation you desire. No need to make any deposit or send any credit card info to reserve the room; you can settle the bill at the end of your stay. There are also other hotel options that suits all budgets so contact our wedding planner, Gabriela.



Most of you will arrive into and leave the Czech Republic from Prague, one of the most striking cities in the world. If you've got the time, you should spend a few days here - it's amazing. Walking across the old Charles Bridge with the castle looking down from its hilltop, dining at riverside cafes, visiting the surprising modern art museum, and just getting lost in the maze of lanes in the old city are all sublime experiences.

Just north of Cesky Krumlov lies the much larger transport hub of Ceske Budijovice, the home of the original Budweiser. That's right. Budweiser (then Budweis) had been brewed in the Czech Republic for some time before Adolphus Busch moved the US and adopted the name for his own beer. You can visit the Budvar brewery just north of Ceske Budejovice - but be careful, the original Budweiser is about twice as strong as US version. There is a direct train from Prague and a direct bus to Cesky Krumlov.

A great day trip from Prague is Kutna Hora -- "Silver Heart of Medieval Europe.” Sites include the Strahov Monastery, St.Barbara Cathedral, Italian Court, Medieval Mine Osel, and Ossuary in Sedlec. For 15-20 Euros you can watch an excellent small classical concert they put on at different locations around the city.

Cesky Krumlov is in an area of pine forests known as the Sumava. There are interesting little cities all over the area, and lots of opportunities for walking, mountain biking and canoeing. Just a short bus ride away is the village of Rozmberk Nad Vltavou, in a bend in the river Vltava (like Cesky Krumlov) with a spectacular fortress on a ridge above it. South of Cesky Krumlov is Lake Lipno, where you can take a one or two-hour cruise. It's easy to visit one or more of these places in a day trip and be back in Cesky Krumlov for dinner.



* The Czech Republic is bordered by Poland to the north; Germany to the northwest, west, and southwest; Austria to the south; and the Slovak Republic (Slovakia) to the east. The Czech Republic is NOT part of the Eurail rail network. You CANNOT use a Eurail pass to travel to the Czech Republic. That being said, each of the surrounding countries IS part of Eurail, so if you are planning a trip to several countries, all you need to do is get to one of bordering countries and start your Eurail pass there.

* Cesky Krumlov lies in the south, near the border with Austria. From Ceske Budejovice (just 30-45 min. north of Cesky Krumlov) trains and buses go to Vienna, the capital of Austria. Vienna is a delightful city with much to offer in terms of culture, architecture and music - not to mention fantastic, romantic cafes. From Vienna, Budapest, the capital of Hungary is another short train ride away. Once you get to Vienna or Berlin, you are then on the Eurail network allowing you to travel easily throughout Europe.

* From Prague, there are numerous buses and trains to the major cities of Germany: Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt. The amazing city of Krakow, Poland (which is in the south of Poland, near the Slovak border)

* THE OLYMPICS: The 2004 Olympic Games are being held in Athens, and other Greek cities during August 11-27th (right after our wedding). Though Greece isn't THAT close to the Czech Republic, a few trains or a flight from Prague can get you there relatively easily. Tickets aren't cheap, and everyone says that Athens will be a complete madhouse, but it will also be a lot of fun and a huge international party.




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