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May 24 -> "The Kokoda Song"

- Written by Scott Brixen while on location
- Sung to the tune of "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys

Verse 1:
Down in PNG
There's a trail called Kokoda
That's where you wanna' go
If you've got a death wish
You will surely bleed
And diarrhea's guaranteed
You'll be nursing your wounds
In a bug-infested guesthouse
On the Kokoda

Isurava, Alola; I'm dying for a cola in
Efogi and Kagi; there are leaches on my body
Naoro, Menari; Baby I'm so sorry 'bout the Kokoda
You'll slide down fast and you'll climb up real slow
You're mad if you decide to go
Hike the Kokoda

Verse 2:
Aussies like to climb
The Kokoda at least one time
To prove they're as tough
As the Diggers who fought here in the War
But they all soon find
That they must've lost their minds
To subject themselves to
Days and days of big blisters and sores
On the Kokoda (to Chorus)

Verse 3:
On the final day
You'll be so drained you won't know what to say
Are you proud of yourself?
Or angry that you started at all?
False peaks will test your will
Turn an ankle as you slide downhill
You'll be screaming in vain
As you take on last horrible fall
On the Kokoda (to Chorus)