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september 4 -> The Travel Diet

Traveling on a budget is a great way to lose weight, for three simple reasons:

1. Eating less,
2. Exercising more, and
3. Diarrhea

But #3 is the most important. While on the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, I lost an amazing 10 pounds in less than a week, because all three weight loss factors were in effect. But before all you fatties start booking flights to PNG, please note: in addition to weight loss, the Kokoda Track may result in DEATH.

Before we left Sydney to start the trip, Nori and I both had full physicals. I was shocked when the doctor told me that I weighed 225 pounds! (The scale at home had told me the same thing, but I was sure it wasn't working.) Holy cow! I weighed more than my Dad - who is four inches taller than me. I was determined to get my weight back closer to 200 pounds, and thought that traveling would be a great way to do it.

#1: Eating Less

In developed countries, most budgets won't accommodate eating out all the time - like it or not, you are soon boiling broccoli and roasting eggplant in crowded hostel kitchens. In developing countries (defined as any nation without a Starbucks), you eat out more often (kitchen facilities are hard to find), but the meals are rarely as fattening as a Super Value Meal, and often come with a bit of food poisoning or diarrhea (see below). The exception to this is Mongolia, where there are no Starbucks, but the food is completely fat.

#2: Exercising More

I started the trip with an ambitious plan: each morning, I would get up early and go for a jog. This training regime lasted three days. Getting up early is a pain in the butt. Carrying around an extra pair of running shoes in my backpack is even worse. And what am I going to do with my sweaty clothes? That's right, stuff them into my bag. The real exercise comes from simply lugging around your backpack everywhere, and from the numerous hikes that you somehow find yourself doing (even if you would drive 100 feet to the corner shop if you were at home).

#3: Diarrhea

In the first six months of travel, we have traveled extensively on the Diarrhea Belt, a wide swath of land encompassing much of China, India and Central Asia. We weren't looking for incontinence; it found us. Delhi Belly, Montezuma's Revenge, The Uzbek Quick-Step (I made that up), the affliction goes by many names but the effect is the same: rapid weight loss. One or both of us had diarrhea in PNG, Australia, Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. And we haven't even made it to India yet!

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