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may 30 -> the free enterprise theme

- Sung to the tune of “The Gilligan's Island Theme”
- Click here to listen to Scott sing the theme song.

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
a tale of a frightful trip.
That started from Ayora Port,
Aboard this “First Class” ship.

The captain said the boat was fixed,
The guide and crew unsure.
Six passengers set sail that day
For an eight-day tour, an eight-day tour

But the generator didn’t work,
the A/C would not blow.
With the poo smell and the cockroaches,
we couldn’t sleep below; we couldn’t sleep below.

After four days, we all gave up
Sick of the owner’s lies…

Mit Jakob,
och Anna too,
The evil Scott,
and his Wife.
The Swiss fon-duo,
and the rest
Survived the Free Enterprise!

So this is the tale of the passengers,
onboard for a long, long spell
They had to make the best of things
Aboard their watery Hell.

The captain had an attitude,
the guides spoke no English.
But no one could complain about
the iguanas, birds or fish.

No lights, A/C, or toilet flush.
Not a single luxury.
We wouldn’t have complained so much,
If the voyage had been free.

The boat still leaves each week my friend,
Although I won’t advise
Ignoring our chaotic cruise
On the Free Enterprise!