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"The first european to find NZ was a Dutch sea-captain who was looking for something else. It takes its name from a province of Holland to which it does not bear the remotest likeness. Taken possession of by an English navigator, whose action was afterwards reversed by his country's rulers, it was only annexed by the English Government, which did not want it, to keep it from the French who did." William Pember Reeves, 1898

Majestic and diverse scenery, Maori culture, kayaking around Abel Tasman Nat'l Park, gliding in Omarama, hiking Routeburn Track.

Sandflies, one-lane bridges, arrival of the Kiwi Experience bus, Maui Campervans clogging the roads.

head scratchers
PM Helen Clarke's comments about the war in Iraq (how would she know anything?), and how did so many Americans end up in the South Island?



population (mn)

capital Wellington
languages English
religion Christian
currency Kiwi Dollar

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ratings (1-5) 5 = best
Friendliness: 4
culture: 3
fun: 4
transport: 5
nature: 5


total score: 24 out of 30


average cost per day
US$120 per day (for two)



  April 25 ->   Last Week in NZ  
  April 22 ->   The Routeburn Track  
  April 24 ->   The Southern Lakes Region of NZ  
  April 14 ->   The South Island of NZ  
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