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"history will rectify its greatest mistake tonight. lithuania, the geographical centre of europe, is returning to europe. today, we are saying to the old continent: Hello europe, we are coming. we are coming to live together, to work together, to create together, yet to remain ourselves." - lithuanian president arturas paulauskaus on joining the eu

Curonian Spit, Hill of Crosses, "Stalin World", Amber, Chocolates

Vilnius motor scooter gang

head scratchers
Mushrooming listed as a national pastime, German village of Nida, Witches Hill



population (mn)

3.6 million
capital Vilnius
languages Lithuanian, Polish, Russian
religion Catholic, Lutheran
currency Litas

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ratings (1-5) 5 = best
Friendliness: 5
culture: 3
fun: 3
transport: 5
nature: 4


total score: 23/30


average cost per day
$US80 per day (for two)

Accommodation was scarce and relatively expensive during the summer but food and transport was still cheap.





  July 27, 2004->   the little empire: lithuania  
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