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"Estonia must try to be exceptional. we can't [talk] about how our levels of corruption are no worse than in other countries. no. a small country like ours can only survive on the condition that it is, well, perfect." - lennart meri - 1st president of post-soviet estonia

4th of July celebration in Tallinn, View of Old Town from Toompea

Hordes of tour ship passengers crowding the Old Town, Torrential rain on arrival into Estonia

head scratchers
Plethora of lingerie shops, no public transport from Paldiski port



population (mn)

1.4 million
capital Tallinn
languages Estonian, Russian
religion Lutheran, Russian Orthodox
currency Estonian Kroon

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ratings (1-5) 5 = best
Friendliness: 3
culture: 4
fun: 3
transport: 3
nature: 3
total score: 19/30

*We only visited Tallinn for 3 days so ratings are perhaps unfairly low.

average cost per day
$US80 per day (for two)

Costs would be lower had we spent time outside Tallinn. Note that we were there during the Estonian Song Festival, the most popular cultural event of the year.




  July 5, 2004->   The Baltic Tiger  
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