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"Whenever terrorists get a nuclear bomb [in the
movies] they buy it from Kazakhstan" - Dauren Valiyev
complaining about Hollywood's portrayal of Kazakhstan
as a rogue state.

Hiking on the Inylchek Glacier below Kan Tengri, eating at outdoor cafes in Almaty

Glacier outhouse nearly collapsing into crevasse, high altitude flatulence, gypsy taxis in Almaty

head scratchers
Scandalous outfits on Almaty girls, frequent roadside security checkpoints (are we still in the USSR?)



population (mn)

16.7 million
capital Astana
languages Kazakh, Russian
religion Muslim, Russian Orthodox
currency Tenge

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ratings (1-5) 5 = best
Friendliness: 3
culture: 4
fun: 3
transport: 3
nature: 4


total score: 17/30


average cost per day
$US80 per day (for two)





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