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"prosperity or egalitarianism - you have to choose. i favor freedom - you never achieve real equality anyway; you simply sacrifice prosperity for an illusion." by mario vargas llosa, peruvian novelist

Hanging out with Nori's best friend Melanie in Ica, 3 day Llama trek in the Cordillera Blanca, Exploring the Incan ruins around Cuzco

Constant hassle in Cuzco, Peruvian coast

head scratchers
Cuy a delicacy?, Why everyone thinks Lima sucks?



population (mn)

28 million
capital Lima
languages Spanish, Quechua
religion Catholic
currency Sol
US$1 = 3.2 Soles

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ratings (1-5) 5 = best
Friendliness: 3
culture: 4
fun: 5
transport: 4
nature: 4
food: 3


total score: 23/30


average cost per day
US $65 per day (for two) -- Accommodation, food and transport were great and cheap. We did several tours and generally treated ourselves to nice hotels and restaurants which brought overall costs up.




  May 1 ->   the pre-inca trail  
  April 8 ->   Pisco is Peruvian  
  April 3 ->   the third Peru  
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