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honduran saying "whoever doesn't steal is stupid."

Snorkelling and diving during our month in Roatan, Exploring Copán, Casa de los Viajeros in Tegucigalpa, Eating fresh mangos, rambutan and pineapple on Roatan, Best contact on Roatan - Adam Santos

AeroHonduras cancelling all flights to the US which leaves us stranded at the airport during the last day of our trip!, Seagrape Resort promises "no noise" but conveniently forgets that they're doing major construction on their property!, Sand flies on the beaches in Roatan

head scratchers
Ridiculous taxi fare from Roatan airport



population (mn)

6.6 million
capital Tegucigalpa
languages Spanish
religion Catholic
currency Lempira
US$1 = 20 Lemps

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ratings (1-5) 5 = best
Friendliness: 5
culture: 3
fun: 4
transport: 3
nature: 4
food: 2


total score: 21/30


average cost per day
US $75 per day (for two) - Accommodation, food and transport were generally inexpensive. Due to the heat we stayed in rooms with A/C. Diving and expenses during Pat's stay brought costs up.




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mame tree bungalows, roatan
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