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"[We] registered more than 22,000 complaints of serious acts of violence that occurred in El Salvador between January 1980 and July 1991. Over 60 per cent of all complaints concerned extrajudicial executions, over 25 per cent concerned enforced disappearances, and over 20 per cent included complaints of torture."- Truth Commission

Sweet room at the Tortuga Surf Lodge overlooking Playa Sunzal, Hanging out with Don & Kim Mirra

La Libertad, San Salvador

head scratchers
Bimbo Bread Bear?, $18 pizza at Domino's



population (mn)

6.4 million
capital San Salvador
languages Spanish
religion Catholic
currency US$

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ratings (1-5) 5 = best
Friendliness: 3
culture: 3
fun: 3
transport: 3
nature: 4
food: 2
total score: 19/30

Only spent 3 nights in Playa Sunzal.

average cost per day
US $70 per day (for two) - surprisingly expensive for tourist hotels and restaurants considering the lack of tourist infrastructure




  July 14 ->   surfing with the savior  
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