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"The failure of Argentina, so rich, so underpopulated, twenty-three million people in a million square miles, is one of the mysteries of our time." by v.S. Naipal

Shi Shi lifestyle and hanging out with Liz & Rodrigo in Buenos Aires, Hiking near El Chalten, Watching chunks of ice break off Moreno Glacier, Wine Tasting in Mendoza, Cactus National Park, Helados and Alfajores

Dog poop on the streets a la France

head scratchers
The hidden ham, Not starting dinner until 10pm, Stylish, sophisticated yet bankrupt



population (mn)

37.8 million
capital Buenos Aires
languages Spanish
religion Catholic
currency Peso
US$1 = 3 Pesos

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ratings (1-5) 5 = best
Friendliness: 4
culture: 3
fun: 5
transport: 5
nature: 5
food: 4


total score: 26/30


average cost per day
US $60 per day (for two) -- Accommodation, food and transport were great and cheap. We generally treated ourselves to nice hotels and restaurants which brought overall costs up.




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