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"men wanted for hazardous journey. small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. honor and recognition in case of success." by ernest shackleton

Sunrise with humpback whales breaching, Seeing thousands of penguins, Bathing in the thermal spring on Deception Island, Sapphire icebergs and glaciers

Drake Passage, Smell of penguin guano on everything, Scott almost paralyzed after high-speed sledding

head scratchers
Crazy paraglider



population (mn)

~25 million penguins
countries claiming territory 7
average height 8,000 feet
total number of visitors 3 million
% of continent free of ice 0.5%

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ratings (1-5) 5 = best
cold: 1
crew: 5
fun: 4
transport: 4
nature: 5
food: 4


total score: 23/30


average cost per day
US $500 per day (for two) -- Accommodation, meals, transport and zodiac trips were included. Sodas and alcohol were additional. Tips also not included.




  February 5 ->   from ushuaia to antarctica on the ushuaia  
  January 31->   the seventh continent  
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