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"Don't you find the people of Malawi friendly?
Good. Can you give me some money?" - School teacher
met in Nkhata Bay

Lake Malawi, being "rescued" by the US Embassy in Lilongwe, BBQ at Mayoka Lodge

Scott slicing his head open on a local bus, waiting at the border for six hours during hellish border crossing from malawi

head scratchers
Scott's inability to paddle a local dugout canoe



population (mn)

capital Lilongwe
languages English, Chichewa
religion Christian, Catholic, Muslim
currency malawin ShillingMalawian Kwacha

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ratings (1-5) 5 = best
Friendliness: 4
culture: 3
fun: 4
transport: 3


Food: 3


total score: 21/25


average cost per day
$US70 per day (for two)




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