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"it is every white woman's dream to sleep with a bedouin man in the desert." by unknown bedouin guide

Petra, Scrambing trip in Wadi Rum, Sleeping under the stars in our desert camp

Chaos and confusion at the Aqaba ferry terminal, Locals using sinks to wash their feet

head scratchers
Where have the officials taken our passports?



population (mn)

5.6 million
capital Amman
languages Arabic, English
religion Muslim, Christian
currency Dinar

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ratings (1-5) 5 = best
Friendliness: 3
culture: 4
fun: 3
transport: 3
nature: 5
food: 3


total score: 21/30


average cost per day
US $80 per day (for two) -- Accommodation, food and transport were moderately priced. Our tour in Wadi Rum and fast ferry tickets brought overall costs up.




  Nov 5 ->   bedouin libido in wadi rum  
  Nov 1 ->   petra: the rose-red city  
jordanian tourism board
general info
hiking wadi rum