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"Death from hunger had existed in our Empire for hundreds of years, an everyday, natural thing, and it never occurred to anyone to make any noise about it." - anonymous aide to Emperor Haile Selassiek

Hiking in the Simen mountains, visiting the rock churches of Lalibela, traditional dancing at thumping club in Bahar Dar, Hamer women at the Dimeka market

Kids screaming "You!You!You!You!You", horrible roads, the Ras Hotel in Addis Abeba

head scratchers
White Rastafarians hanging out in Shashemene, the Norwegians who were always behind us when we got a flat tire



population (mn)

67.6 million
capital Addis Ababa
languages Amarhic
religion Muslim, Ethopian Orthodox
currency Birr

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ratings (1-5) 5 = best
Friendliness: 4
culture: 4
fun: 3
transport: 2
nature: 3


total score: 20/30


average cost per day
$US90 per day (for two)





  january 5, 2003->   Out of the Abyss?: Ethiopia  
  December 31, 2003 ->   No Mursi: Southern Ethiopia  
  december 18, 2003 ->   Heights of History: Northern Ethiopia  
coming soon...