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"'I do not mind if they call me a Bushman,' Komtsha had once said to us. 'It shows that the bush belongs to us; it shows that we are the ones who truly come from here.'" - From "Shadow Bird" by Willemien Le Roux

Mokoro trip in Okavango Delta, super-braai (BBQ) at Audi Camp, excellent woven baskets

Nori's mysterious rash, thousands of spiders falling on us in the Delta

head scratchers
Elephants crossing the road - and no one gets excited about it except us!



population (mn)

capital Gaborone
languages English, Setswana
religion Indigenous, Christian
currency Pula

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ratings (1-5) 5 = best
Friendliness: 5
culture: 4
fun: 3
transport: 4
nature: 4
food: 2


total score: 22/30


average cost per day
US $100 per day (for two)




  March 26 ->   two days in the delta  
  March 25 ->   just across The zambezi  
general info